Day 28 – The Word/Phrase You Use Constantly

Well, I already mention it in this blog, but my favorite word is "fuck."  I love cursing.  It's like audio punctuation.  I took up cursing in college, when my roommate and I decided to be rebellious, but neither one of us wanted to take up drinking, smoking, or drugs.  It took us awhile to get … Continue reading Day 28 – The Word/Phrase You Use Constantly

Day 27 – What you wore today

One of my favorite outfits. Long hippie jeanskirt blue v-neck shirt with a pattern on it black flip-flops Little heart keys and little lock earrings Fake silver hoop nose ring because I haven't gotten around to actually piercing my nose yet black leather bracelets on left wrist - hearts and an elephant beaded bracelets on right wrist - … Continue reading Day 27 – What you wore today

Day 24 – Something you miss

  *sigh*   This box brings back memories.  I LOVED Carnation Breakfast Bars.  Specifically the peanut butter chocolate chip ones, but I'd eat the plain chocolate chip ones in a pinch.  They were a staple of my childhood breakfasts, snacks, and whenever I could get away with replacing a meal with one. One morning I … Continue reading Day 24 – Something you miss