The Lamp

It’s a beautiful thing.  The base is black and shines like glass.  It might be glass, or some sort of shiny ceramic glaze.  The black base sits on several rings of antique gold, and the arm extends up in more swoops and swirls of antique gold. Do you call the upright part of a lamp … Continue reading The Lamp


Day 29 – The Night of Your 21st Birthday

Well I started this eons ago, so I might as well finish it.  I only have two days left to go on my 30 day blogging challenge.   Today's topic is: The Night of Your 21st Birthday. I'd like to point out this list also states, "If you're not yet 21, the last birthday you … Continue reading Day 29 – The Night of Your 21st Birthday

Day 24 – Something you miss

  *sigh*   This box brings back memories.  I LOVED Carnation Breakfast Bars.  Specifically the peanut butter chocolate chip ones, but I'd eat the plain chocolate chip ones in a pinch.  They were a staple of my childhood breakfasts, snacks, and whenever I could get away with replacing a meal with one. One morning I … Continue reading Day 24 – Something you miss

Day 6 – Someone who fascinates you, and why.

In my other life, I am a musician.  It is a tough gig, and I rarely get paid for it . . . but I adore music in many different forms.  I have played dozens of piano recitals, sang in choirs, marched in high school band and college, performed in concert band in high school … Continue reading Day 6 – Someone who fascinates you, and why.