Day 24 – Something you miss

  *sigh*   This box brings back memories.  I LOVED Carnation Breakfast Bars.  Specifically the peanut butter chocolate chip ones, but I'd eat the plain chocolate chip ones in a pinch.  They were a staple of my childhood breakfasts, snacks, and whenever I could get away with replacing a meal with one. One morning I … Continue reading Day 24 – Something you miss

Day 6 – Someone who fascinates you, and why.

In my other life, I am a musician.  It is a tough gig, and I rarely get paid for it . . . but I adore music in many different forms.  I have played dozens of piano recitals, sang in choirs, marched in high school band and college, performed in concert band in high school … Continue reading Day 6 – Someone who fascinates you, and why.