One Paycheck Away From Homelessness

I have a reporter friend . . . well, more of an acquaintance, but if I saw him in public I'd say hello and probably ask if he wanted to grab a cup of coffee if he wasn't busy at the moment.  Anyway, I know this reporter who writes about the community here in Nashville … Continue reading One Paycheck Away From Homelessness


The Lamp

It’s a beautiful thing.  The base is black and shines like glass.  It might be glass, or some sort of shiny ceramic glaze.  The black base sits on several rings of antique gold, and the arm extends up in more swoops and swirls of antique gold. Do you call the upright part of a lamp … Continue reading The Lamp

Black Hole Sun and My Childhood Nightmare

I'm sitting in philosophy class.   I've been in college long enough to become disenchanted with it.  I'm bored with these classes I'm forced to take with professors who aren't interested in me or the topics they're teaching.   The instructor walks in the room, stands in front of the classroom and asks, "How do you … Continue reading Black Hole Sun and My Childhood Nightmare

Day 27 – What you wore today

One of my favorite outfits. Long hippie jeanskirt blue v-neck shirt with a pattern on it black flip-flops Little heart keys and little lock earrings Fake silver hoop nose ring because I haven't gotten around to actually piercing my nose yet black leather bracelets on left wrist - hearts and an elephant beaded bracelets on right wrist - … Continue reading Day 27 – What you wore today