Day 27 – What you wore today

One of my favorite outfits. Long hippie jeanskirt blue v-neck shirt with a pattern on it black flip-flops Little heart keys and little lock earrings Fake silver hoop nose ring because I haven't gotten around to actually piercing my nose yet black leather bracelets on left wrist - hearts and an elephant beaded bracelets on right wrist - … Continue reading Day 27 – What you wore today

Day 24 – Something you miss

  *sigh*   This box brings back memories.  I LOVED Carnation Breakfast Bars.  Specifically the peanut butter chocolate chip ones, but I'd eat the plain chocolate chip ones in a pinch.  They were a staple of my childhood breakfasts, snacks, and whenever I could get away with replacing a meal with one. One morning I … Continue reading Day 24 – Something you miss

Day 23 – A Family Member You Dislike

SERIOUSLY?!??!  Man, I picked a terrible 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  This is a horrible topic.  Who in the world would actually admit in a public forum who they dislike in their family?  That's terrible! I'm so going to google this and see who else has done it. Ok, this one has crankiness in general about … Continue reading Day 23 – A Family Member You Dislike