Ms. X . . . Section One

I'm launching a Kickstarter for this bad boy in a few weeks, (there, I said it so I have to do it now) so I thought I'd publish the updated version of the first section of Ms. X.  I'm getting some great feedback from people on this . . . many thanks!   Follow me here, or FB, … Continue reading Ms. X . . . Section One


Angel Down – A Section from My Book, Ms. X

No, it's not finished yet.  But I am almost done.  I'm over 51,000 words at the moment, and happily climbing.     THIS IS NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK.  THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE. But not major ones. I just thought it'd be fun for you guys to read a section after Raney got her powers. And … Continue reading Angel Down – A Section from My Book, Ms. X